Wireless Transmitter Circuit Design from “Wuxi China Resources Semico Co., Ltd.” Passes Qi Spec Certification
SEMICO 2014/07/31

Wireless Charging has the advantages of convenience, ease of use and compatibility. A number of diversified researches have proved that Wireless Charging technology will lead the future development of portable consumer electronic products. The field of industry expects a prosperous future of wireless charging technology and predicts that the global market value of wireless charging technology in 2017 will be $10 billion. Wuxi China Resources Semico Co., Ltd entered into the field of wireless charging in 2012, and now the transmission circuit design of the first generation has the advantages of high charging efficiency ( Charging efficiency higher than 70% when being adapted to 5W environment) and low power consumption in standby mode (lower than 50mW). The design is equipped with protection of over-temperature, over-voltage and over-current, and the whole design has passed the WPC Qi Interoperability Testing and has received Interoperability ID "IDD07140304T”. This design can be widely applied to all transmitting terminals, in which the Qi standards are compatible. Wuxi China Resources Semico Co., Ltd has accomplished the independent research and development as well as design of the main control chip CS4968, MOS-Driving chip CD4268, CS4269 and is capable of providing a full set of designed chips.